We deal with various kinds of products ranging from Air Conditioners, Refridgerators, Televisions, home theaters, washing machines, gas cookers, blenders, generators, floor standing air conditioners and IT products for home and office use.

Get your quality gadgets at affordable prices.

Home Appliances

We offer quality and affordable home appliances ranging from TVs, Home Theatre and many other gadgets that would make your home alluring.

We sell home appliances from various brands such as Samsung, LG and Hisense.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have gone from being mere accessories in this millenium to becoming an integral part of the human life.

We offer quality devices across different range and brands. Your budget is your limit to getting anything.

Computers & Laptops

We have affordable and nice computers and laptops for office and home use. Our laptops have good backup and they are covered with a year warranty.

Companies and individuals who want many units can contact the admin for more details.

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances ranging from blenders, pressure cookers, electric cookers and many more are always available at affordable prices.

Spice your kitchen with quality gadgets that makes your cooking easier.


For home and office use we have the best and quality power supply you can ask for. Our generators come in various sizes and combustion types.

Our generators have a year warranty on them.


We sell quality and affordable wears ranging from clothes, shoes, watches to rings. Our wears are made from the best in the manufacturing indusutry.

We offer support for individuals who want to resell our wears.