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Established in the year 2012 Peace Electronics International Company (CRBN 164267), has grown in distributing different brands of products in Nigeria and proactive in market penetration.

We have grown from one outlet in 2012 in to distribution of products evenly spread over the nation in Lagos, PortHarcourt, Ibadan, Abeokuta and Ado-Ekiti. This expansion has resulted in greater customer/client satisfaction as we grow towards making our brand easily accessible in whatever area, city or state we find ourselves in.

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About-us image

Our Core Values

We are guided and bounded by these beliefs


It is important to our organization to remain accountable to the people who create the bedrock for sustaining our business – our customers.

We therefore pay attention in great detail to ensuring that our products are working optimally before they are placed in the hands of our customers.


Over the years, we have worked relentlessly to earn the trust of our customers and have evolved into a time where their trust can not be taken for granted.

More than just a barrage of words, these values are what fuel our daily drive to higher levels of success.


We believe that integrity is the key to preserving our most valuable asset – our reputation. This is the basic principle on which the organization is hinged from the lowest to the highest cadre in the organization.

We believe that our customers deserve the best at all times.


We sell products from various brands

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